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In today’s competitive market, we understand the need for your business to enhance efficiency, by seeking better ways of managing tasks and communicating. 

By building our relationship with you and understanding the requirements of your business, we can help identify and implement ways to improve business systems use, whilst minimising costs. 

Taking active involvement in the direction of Desktop, Server and Network strategy of your business, we enable you to make best use of current technologies whilst maintaining an upgrade path for your future.

  >  Centralising files onto a File Server reduces the management overhead (backups, etc) and allows your staff to share information more effectively
  >  Centralising your printers onto a Print Server allows your staff to share multiple printers and improve performance on the desktop PC’s
  >  Implementation of Database Server Infrastructure including MS SQL Server
  >  Implementation of Web Server Infrastructure including MS IIS
  >  Email strategies including MS Exchange Servers and Internet Email
  >  Server and Desktop based anti-virus procedures, implementation, management and monitoring
  >  Internet Connection Sharing allowing all of your staff to connect to the Internet for Web Browsing and email via a single Server/phone line
  >  Internet Security – including the implementation of firewalls
  >  Desktop standardisation – significantly reduces the overhead associated with managing your desktop environment and reduces the time required to recover from hardware failure or system corruption
  >  Network address allocation/documentation/policing – allowing your desktops and servers to communicate in a secure, efficient manner
  >  Domain/Security strategies – including System Policies/User Profiles/Mandatory Profiles
  >  Remote Access – providing access to your office based systems/data whilst at home or on the road

  >  Resilient Servers including disk mirroring/stripping, protecting your system/data from hard disk failure
  >  Microsoft Clustering Technology  - providing maximum system availability for MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, Active X based applications and File/Print Services
  >  Microsoft Virtual Clustering – providing maximum system availability and scalability for Web based applications/systems

We have over 12 years experience in infrastructure design, implementation and integration, backed up by industry-recognised qualifications.

If your business demands increased levels of reliability, availability, functionality and performance, we have the skills to provide you with the systems to meet that requirement.

With access to the latest software and hardware developments, we are able to provide you with the best and most appropriate solutions to meet your requirements.

We use, recommend and support products from the following vendors…

 Microsoft    Compaq    HP    Dell    Toshiba    Tivoli    Veritas    Symantec    Cisco

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