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At PROTEC-IT Services we believe in providing first class IT support and consultancy to our clients, with a specific emphasis on proactive work in order to identify and prevent potential problems before they occur 

By building our relationship with you and understanding the way your business operates, we are able to ensure that your IT systems keep up with the demands put upon them 

Through performance tuning, the identification of bottlenecks and optimisation of resource utilisation, you can be sure that your systems are providing maximum return on investment

  >  System and Security auditing configuration
  >  Provision of proactive advice on hardware upgrades and performance – capacity planning
  >  Server management, ensuring that all systems are consistent, fully up to date and stable
  >  Utilisation of monitoring and diagnostic tools produced by Microsoft, Tivoli and original equipment manufacturers
  >  Performance management - adjusting hardware and system usage to maximise performance
  >  Individual process management/prioritisation – load balancing
  >  Software management including automated methods - assignment and publication
  >  Automation of routine tasks that keep your systems optimised and running smoothly e.g. archiving, event log housekeeping

With over 12 years of experience in Systems Management and possessing industry-recognised qualifications, we have the skills to manage, monitor and optimise system performance, reliability and availability

We use, recommend and support products from the following vendors…

 Microsoft    Compaq    HP    Dell    Toshiba    Tivoli    Veritas    Symantec    Cisco

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