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Information is one of your business’ most valuable assets.  Electronic information is transforming, and now dominates, the way we all work.  But the risk that information is lost, stolen or corrupted is also increasing.  The impact of such a loss on your business could be devastating. 

Think to yourself, if your premises were burgled and key equipment was stolen, how quickly could you recover your data and be back in business? 

A proficient backup strategy is not only essential to the survival of your business, it also fulfils your legal obligation under the 1998 Data Protection Act, to protect against accidental loss or damage to data. 

By building our relationship with you, we are able to design and implement a backup strategy that meets the needs of your business.

  >  Design, implement and test Backup Strategies, including resilient systems, alerting mechanisms and offsite/onsite media storage
  >  Provision of procedures to enable partial restores to be conducted by in-house personnel
  >  Perform complete restores of supported systems as necessary
  >  Ensuring that system images and Emergency Repair Disks of supported systems are periodically updated and stored off-site
  >  The provision of an offsite media store for all magnetic media

We have over 12 years of experience designing and implementing backup strategies, backed up by industry-recognised qualifications.

We use, recommend and support products from the following vendors…

Microsoft Compaq  HP  Dell  Toshiba  Tivoli  Veritas  Clunk-Click  Symantec  Cisco

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